Album "Voyages" (2016)

"Listening to the new album by Adrien Marco," Voyages ", is an absolutely delicious journey." Adrien's superb guitar invites us to travel through the essence of Gypsy jazz, adding Mediterranean sounds from its Italian hometown. Its range ranges from heartfelt ballads to flamboyant Gypsy airs. «Voyages, reveals an exquisite taste in the choice of repertoire, great songs and original arrangements, and overall diversity in sound and timbre. The young man plays acoustic and electric guitar, focuses on melodic interpretation, displays an eclectic musical knowledge and often quotes delightful recognizable phrases on his improvisation. Groove Rhythmic section with high level, versatility and good taste. Finally, the arrangement of the guitarist and his interpretation on " Historia de un Amor "probably this version makes one of the best we can find. »

Nuno Marinho –


«Third disc recorded via KissKissBankBank for this trio that has existed since 2008; Well boosted by an efficient and welded rhythmic (Adrien Ribat, guitar and Maxime Ivachtchenko, double bass), Adrien confirms all the good that one thought of him; Also at ease in the electrical (CF)  Cherish(, amazing recovery of Kool and the gang where one is not far away from Babik) acoustics, Adrien is before all a designer attentive to the sound, to sculpture; of the note and the construction of the chorus There is sometimes the Moreno in his sentimental and air, but less angry sentence; of virtuosity but no rush, Adrien not hesitating to dawdle (cf its chorus on) Come prima). Very eclectic and rather unusual, the repertoire goes from Fly me to the moon to True Love Ways From Buddy Holly, from Historia de un amor (with a beautiful presentation signed by Adrien) to I'll gladly make the same mistake again, sung once by Dean Martin, singing songs reviewed and corrected with finesse and intelligence without ever forgetting the swing. Side Manoucheries, two versions of For all the people that I love Jimmy Rosenberg and Milko of Titi Winterstein, who have nothing to envy to the top names in the style. A note also Robe Noiresigned very removed Waltz Adrien with a beautiful arrangement of guitars re - re, where his sentence to the clear articulation wonders. This is a highly recommended disc which prolongs and renews the style with a welcome freshness. Bravo! »

Francis Couvreux - TradMag

"End l'orpailleur of gypsy language, artificer patient of his live sets, Adrien Marco blows up an album just as urgent as the previous ones and clearer still." The air of time seems to feed from end to end the opus. No updating of the Gypsy, no modernity above ground here, not just the envy, visibly as joyful as ever-present, to connect the digested inheritance – For all the people that I love From Jimmy Rosenberg, quasi-case of romantic study – to the escape from the repertoire that would have been snugly thought predestined to the guitarist – Royal diving in the True Love Ways "From Buddy Holly, the secret nugget of rock'n ' roll pantheon."

Guillaume Mavoisin – "Pumping!", Tempo Magazine # 59.

Wink Album (2013)

«Discovered very recently on the site of the friend Patrus (we see Adrien Marco crossing the ropes at the festival Django in June in the USA), I was able to appreciate the talent of this young guitarist in June last during a jam in this same patrus, decidedly inevitable. "Winks" is the second disc of his trio created in 2008 on the Sens side in the Yonne; well accompanied by Adrien Ribat, guitar and Maxime Ivachtchenko, double bass, Adrien asserts himself as a promising talent. If his clear phrasing, without haste, borrows from the Dutch school (cf. the superb bossa hymn of Am Katénès, where he has accents at the Stochelo) and the Parisian school, our man has well digested his influences (cf. "Sweet influences" precisely, remarkable personal composition where the shadows of Django and Costa Lucas, brilliantly performed solo, Adrien combining Finesse and Sensibility , chained with a very poetic version of what is left of our love of Trent. Unlike a lot of young triggers in style, this autodidact does not abuse his remarkable technique, preferring to sculpt the notes by feeling and letting the music breathe (see his poetic version of Sabor A Mi, formerly recorded by Tan Choo then more recently by Moréno), showing when it is necessary that he also has fingers and that he knows what swing means (cf his nervous chorus on Sunny in a removed version, or his remarkably sent interpretation of Latcheben, magnificent Waltz Acrobatic Wasso Grüneholz). Chosen with taste, the covers go from Salvador's Winter garden to Joseph Joseph, passing through the Indian summer (Adrien sends some nice rockets) or Love, previously recorded by Nat King Cole. Django is not forgotten, of course, with troubling Bolero, Django's Tiger and Blues in minor, played electric guitar way Django years 40/50. We feel a humility and a great respect for the music of this young guitarist that we will certainly hear about in the near future. In the meantime, here is a disc that listens with great pleasure. Highly recommended! »

Francis Couvreux - DjangoStation