Adrien Marco Trio

A universe very rich in emotion, a varied repertoire and wide influences, which give life to spontaneous music. Three musicians, two guitars and a double bass! In a few years became an essential reference of Gypsy jazz in Burgundy and Franche Comté, Adrien Marco Trio with a resolutely gypsy footprint, influenced by the friendly and musical encounters that the young guitarist was able to make in the Community of the travellers. Following the worthy legacy of the great Django Reinhardt, this trio dedicates a real passion for gypsy music and what it expresses. Thus, Adrien Marco is influenced by the game of the Sinti community: a very lively, aerial, and precise game, where music is pure language, a language in its own right. The exchange, the passion, and the expression are omnipresent in this music.

Here, a personal universe rich in colors, influences, emotions. In short, the heart speaks. This is what Adrien Marco Trio invites you to discover and share. Established in the Yonne, Adrien Marco Trio all over France, and abroad (Germany, Italy, Spain, USA). The guitarist also participated in the Festival Django in June 2012 in Boston (MA), and at the Festival International Jazz & Joy In Worms (Germany) in 2016, as well as the headliner at Gipsy Jazz Festival In rooms (2018)

This trio formed of three musicians from different backgrounds is inhabited by the same ethic: play a spontaneous music, involving all their hearts and remaining faithful to the Gypsy spirit.

Presentation of the Group

Adrien Marco -Guitar soloist

Jazz Action Interview
© Philippe MARZAT

of Italian roots, Adrien Marco is a guitarist from the Yonne, who starts at 17 years old. Self-taught, he started the guitar by accidentally discovering the music Django Reinhardt. A fabulous encounter, and a style of music in which he finds a part of his personality: of the passion, the emotion, the freedom, and the pleasure of exchanging. After this coup de coeur, he naturally chooses this musical path, and then orients himself towards the game of the Sinti community, a typical Gypsy game: very lively, aerial and precise, where music is pure language, a language in its own right. Over time, he meets families of travelers and evolves with them. These beautiful encounters reinforce him to evolve always in this rich music, fabulous exchange and emotions. Living in Paris, he also has the pleasure of meeting talented musicians such as the renowned Samy haswhich will give him his first concerts in Paris, as well as the Brunard family: Christophe Brunard, and William Brunardwith which he played regularly. The concert also with Kamlo bar, Frangy Delporte. He also meets by the way of the Jam of the great masters of Style as Angelo DebarreTchavolo Shmitt, and many others...

He created his first group Ketelosin 2005, which became a few years later. Group emerging from Yonne By the mythical cabaret of the stopover in Migennes, there where sang Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel. Then he founded Adrien Marco Trio in 2008. He is accompanied byAdrien Ribat In rhythm guitar or Titi Hagg and Mathieu Chatelain. and to Maxime Ivachtchenko On the double bass. Since that time, the trio has been skimming all over Burgundy and France, and thus making the first part of big names like Sanseverino At the eclectic Festival in 2010, then Adrien Marco is invited by Ricky Ford To make the first part of Bobby FewThe Toucy Jazz Festival in 2012. The same year, the young guitarist moved to Boston (MA)invited by Andrew Laurence to participate at the FeStival Django In June. Great week during which he played with guitarists such as Denis Chang (Quebec), Paulus Schaffer (Holland), Olli Soikelli (Finland), Stephane Wrembel (US). In November 2014, the first part of the group"The man's fingers", and in 2018 that of the clarinetist Louis Sclavis.

The recognized guitarist continues his journey totaling over 900 concerts and notable events, such as recording with Ricky Ford In the studio for the album of a friend in common. Now Adrien Marco and his trio are at the top of the poster festivals like Gipsy Jazz FestivaL (2018), alongside Romanesque Yes Ninine Gallagher.

Although deeply attached to the gypsy game, especially to the guitar style Django Reinhardt, Adrien Marco is influenced by other styles of music, ranging from American hip hop to funk music, jazz, classical music and Italian song. He also leaves himself impregnated with other great guitarists as by Georges Benson, Joe Pass, Luis Salinas, or even Costa Lucacks, to whom he pays homage in his debut album " Oei winkl » released in 2013. He also released the album «» Voyages In 2016, opus very rich, and greeted enthusiastically by critics (Cf. "Reviews of the albums") .

What will come out of Adrien Marco's game are all his influences, but also a lot of pleasure in playing this music, a primordial desire to get his emotions through the notes.

Adrien Ribat -rhythm guitar

Adrien Ribat starts the guitar at the age of 14 playing rock and blues, then he discovers gypsy jazz by listening to the albums of the famous guitarist Django Reinhardt. At the age of 20, he decides to be professional, and learns jazz alongside Pierre Cullaz and Boulou Fernandes. It was during the same year that he met Joe Marco In Paris, and joined his trio in 2011. He is now a part of various trainings, and tries to enrich his musical language through different styles, from Gypsy Jazz to Variety, to rock and folk.

© Titouan Rimbault

Maxime Ivachtchenko -double bass

Born in Ukraine, Maxime lives there. It comes from a mother dancer star, and a father conductor. He spent three years at the musical college in Kiev's classic double-bass class. Then he is recruited into The Red Army As a bass player. He studied classical bass at the Kiev Higher Conservatory, while working as a complementary musician of the Kiev Symphony Orchestra. At the same time, he plays in a reputed group in Ukraine named " Ukraiina ». Group with which he toured in Italy, Austria, Germany and France. Then he decides to settle in France. Much later, Adrien Marco And the double bassist meet, and choose to work together because the latter has a lot of experience in the musical field, and especially Gypsy, which was good for the gypsy style! Thus, it is quite natural that Maxime Ivachtchenko incorporates the trio.
© Jean Claude Duquennes